Tiger Lily Vietnam, Ltd.


Named after a rare orchid, TigerLily Vietnam is a private company. Our factory is located in Phu Nghia Industrial Zone, Chuong My, Hanoi – a place has been well known for their long history as a typical traditional handicraft village and  beautiful local handmade products.


With the industrialization, the land for bamboo – the traditional materials of local products becomes more and more limited, making many traditional producers in hard situation that required cutting production and labor. In this case, our product development had come up with a brilliant idea of comprising the traditional technique with a new material – recycled paper. The products received the great encourage from customers – and as a result, our traditional technique was saved while we are creating more and more jobs for skillful local craftsmen. Until now, we have created jobs for around 200 local workers. Our employees are treated with respect and offered a safe, clean working environment. We believe in providing equal opportunities for every employee and against discriminating any worker because of their gender, age, religious belief.  We do not employ children.


We deeply understand the importance of recycling in today’ world.  Recycling paper is one of our major effort which can help cutting waste, saving forest, protect natural resources and reducing pollution. But we know that our effort only has good result if we receive the co-operation from our customers. Therefore, during the six years, we have tried our best to develop a wide range of home décor products; initially to meet our customer needs, and after that creating a chance for our customer joining with us in saving the GREEN world.

Tiger Lily Vietnam, Ltd.

Phone : +84 904 365 654

Office: 2601A, Mipec Residence, 229 Tay Son St., Hanoi, Vietnam.

Factory: Phu Nghia Industrial Zone, Chuong My Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam.